Snuky Tate


Snuky Tate aka Lionel White is born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1948. He studied painting at University of Delaware. He moved to San Francisco in the early 70's where he became the stage persona, Snuky Tate. He performed at the Mabuhay Gardens and other punk venues -- often before, during, and after other bands' sets, sometimes unbeknownst to the promoter!

In 1979, he released on Blackmouth Music his first single « Who Cares? »

Snuky moved to New York in the early 80's and was a regular at CBGB's and the downtown gallery scene.

In 1980 ZE Records released his secong single « He’s The Groove » produced by Ron Rongers.

In 1982, he released the « Babylon Under Pressure » LP on Chris Stein's Animal Records.

Snuky Tate dieds in 1998.


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