L e  J a z z  A c r y l i q u e

1 - A  S i n g u l a r  M e t a p h o r
2 - F r e e  P r e s s  P r o v o
3 - T h e  D r o w n e d  M e t r o p o l
4 - C r a v a n  G a u c h i s t e
5 - C o l o s s u s
6 - L o s t  i n  E p h e m e r a
7 - P a r a m o u n t
8 - L e  J a z z  A c r y l i q u e

A l l  s o n g s  w r i t t e n ,  p e r f o r m e d ,  a n d  p r o d u c e d  b y  D C  S h e l l
N a g r a  L i t t o r a l  a  s u b d i v i s i o n   o f   Z E  R e c o r d s  M u s i c  G r o u p
©  &  p  Z E  R e c o r d s  2 0 1 7


"One of my early, and still striking, memory of what transcendance could really mean, was probably listening religiously for hours, 
non-stop, in my 2nd-hand vintage Peugeot, to The Passage "For all and none" album, while drifting endlessly along blue countryside roads,
under a summer night sky full of opalescent stars.
Copied from the vinyl version, on an orange BASF cassette, by a dedicated school friend. And it quickly appeared that this precious 
piece of tape and plastic was some kind of magic gift from God, Himself, to make sure that, from that time on, i would really know 
the definitive difference between a plain average provincial schoolboy life and the bewitching power of real life of mystery and wonder... 
Do i need to mention how fast my previous life morphed into the other ?" 
A classic confession from a not so classic singer-songwritter. 
DC was born and raised somewhere in Europe, spending his childhood and teenage years close to the mountains, 
then moved to Suburbia to find himself under the spell of Neil Diamond, formed FONTAN while learning how to emulate Aubrey Beardsley, 
recruiting additionnal musicians to share his vision (Conrad Dupre, Em Chemin), rehearsing at night in a disaffected water tower, 
performing gigs in art galleries, and finaly recording "Le Jazz Acrylique" in a vintage studio under the roof of an old presbitery.

FONTAN are :
DC Shell : Derwann Jazz guitar, ADK mic
Em Chemin : Antonelli Organ, Duke electric piano
Conrad Dupre : Hohner Pearl drumkit

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