Lizzy Mercier Descloux Voila, Voila


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Voila, Voila / The Remixes EP
From the forthcoming unreleased LP

Lizzy past away in 2004, but in addition to her many fans spread across the world, that she never stopped to travel, every year comes a new generation ready to discover her timeless universe, her records and her singular journey. The maverick Lizzy remains forever totally contemporary!

In 1978 in New York, Lizzy recorded his first record, a mini LP, under the name of Rosa Yemen, then from the Bahamas, Soweto, Rio or London five albums between 1979 and 1989 under her own name. In 1995 she recorded in the United States and Jamaica, what was to be her last album. But back in Paris, artistic disagreements between EMI publishing and Lizzy did abort the project. Lizzy retrieved her exclusive contract, but actually ended her career as a musician.

The album was not mixed so EMI retained the masters, without being able to use them on shelves for nearly 20 years. At her death  Michel Esteban, her long time Partner in Crimes and Lizzy's actual legatee tried without success to buy these masters from EMI. The purchasing of EMI by Sonny Music Publishing made things easier and Esteban in 2014 could finally acquire the tapes to complete the mixing with the original D.A of the project, Charlus de la Salle.

On this first issue you can find «Voila, voila» original mix + two mixes by Charlus de la Salle and French Pop star Perez. Also a dub mix of Lizzy’s Bob Marley cover of «Sun is shining» mixed by Steven Stanley and featuring legendary Sly Dunbar on drums.

Voilá, Voilá / Sun is Shining / Remixes

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Track List
  • 1
    Voilà, Voilà - Acid Remix by Perez
  • 2
    Sun is Shining - Dub Mix by Steven Stanley
  • 3
    Voilà, Voilà - Remix by Charlus de la Salle
  • 4
    Voilà, Voilà - Single Mix